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/producers-statement/" title="Producer’s Statement"> Producer’s Statement

Filmmakers often find their next project through a fluke of timing and luck: this film was no exception.

Family of the Wa’a began nearly ten years ago in Kihei, Maui, when one of our producers swam out into the ocean to reach an outrigger canoe (wa’a) he had seen from shore. He had never before paddled a wa’a, but this one had an empty seat and he wanted it.  Navigating in the stern of the wa’a was Kimokeo Kapahulehua, the man who would become the leader of the voyage to Kure – the last atoll in the Hawaiian archipelago some 1750 miles away.  It is from that chance meeting and the friendship that followed that this film sprang.

Making this film was a very unique experience, and personal journey, for all involved.  Those of us who took part in its creation, and helped nurture it to a finished and locked picture, are very grateful for the generosity and infectious spirit shown by the participants on the voyage, and the people of Hawaii, all of whom made it possible.  For them and for us, this film is about a coming together of people and culture through an amazing voyage.  In the process they became more than a team, they became a family.

A family of the wa’a.


David Cumming